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retaining walls in fort worth, tx

Retaining Walls in Fort Worth, TX

5 Reasons to Build a Retaining Wall

One of the easiest ways to make your yard look bigger and lusher is to add a retaining wall. It may seem counter-intuitive, but retaining walls can open up a boring landscape and increase your home's overall value. Here are five reasons to consider adding a retaining wall to your Fort Worth, TX home:

  • Retaining walls protect your landscape. Avoid erosion and landslides with a protective wall in front of the slopes on your property.
  • They add dimension to your yard. Take your yard from boring and flat to dynamic with a retaining wall.
  • They add drama and an artistic feel to your entrance. Direct your guests' eyes to your entryway with a strategically placed retaining wall.
  • They provide a nice location for plants and ivy. Your yard will look lush and gorgeous with pretty ivy sprawling over a brick or concrete wall.
  • They create extra usable space on your property. Install a retaining wall with built-in shelving or a minifridge at your outdoor kitchen.

SMITH'S LAWNAGE® INCENTIVES installs Pavestone retaining walls. These walls are some of the most beautiful and durable in the industry, and we offer a huge range of shapes, colors and textures. Contact us to learn more about the gorgeous walls we can install for you.

Improve your yard today

Now that we've convinced you of how much value a retaining wall can add to your property, here are a few reasons to choose SMITH'S LAWNAGE® INCENTIVES to install yours. We are:

  1. Experienced: Our owner has worked in this industry since 1987.
  2. Skilled: Our Fort Worth, TX clients love the work we've done to improve their homes.
  3. Licensed: SMITH'S LAWNAGE® INCENTIVES is certified in over 20 topics through the Texas Nursury & Landscape Association and licensed through Texas Department of Agriculture in turf, pest, and weed control.

Call 817-367-7344 to speak with an expert landscaper about your plans to build a retaining wall on your Fort Worth, TX property.